Embracing Tech

​To meet the service expectations Washingtonians have developed from the private sector, and to reap unparalleled economic benefits technology investments offer, Washington State must dedicate itself to understanding emerging tech. 

U.S. governments used to drive world technology.


Letting the private sector take the pole position has advantages, but governments have become sluggish and do not even appear to want to keep pace. 

Washington State has self-identified problems which have made it almost impossible for them to know what they are getting for their money spent on IT. Adoption of technology business management framework is a good first step. It is now time to be forward thinking. 

  • GATHER INTELLIGENCE (Keep an eye on the horizon): An insatiable appetite for recent developments in the world of tech is key

    • Data collection

    • Awareness of ongoing research

    • Looking upstream and tracking changes 

  • FORECAST: Employ all state agencies to creatively engage, to 'wonder out loud' how emerging technology could improve both services and efficiencies

  • ANALYZE: Use data and forecasts to inform decision makers

In a state which is the epicenter of many high-tech industries, it is sloppy not to insist on stronger partnerships. One of our immediate goals should be responding quickly to tech which is nearing maturity and ripe for harvest. Priorities, all of which would provide significant monetary and health savings in the long run, should be:

  • High-speed internet for all households, including rural areas and tribal land.

  • Computers for all students

  • Leading industry equipment for first responders and health providers