Now is the Time for Washington's 1st Independent Governor

July 4, 2020


Our state is confronting serious issues. As critical as they are - with death and the loss of personal freedoms occurring on a regular basis, the very reasons we consider war - we must be united in our approach.

Covid-19 and Racial Equality must be solved as swiftly as possible, with all resources available. Yet our state's elected officials have demonstrated an inability to work together on other urgent matters which are far less complicated. They have not drawn a line in the sand, they have built a trench. When you belong to one political party, the leaders command you to disavow, condemn and distrust anyone associated with the 'other' side.

Democratic leadership claims ‘ownership’ of the need for climate change legislation. Republican leadership claims ‘ownership’ of the need for a structurally balanced budget. If progress is achieved on either of these issues, our future becomes much brighter. The data is there, and the solutions are not as nearly as daunting as finding a vaccine.

Yet… even with a democratic trifecta in Olympia, the incumbent governor has been unable to pass meaningful climate legislation during his first two terms. He keeps trying, but is woefully inept when it comes to challenging British Petroleum to put their money where their mouth is (they 'publicly' support carbon pricing) and can not even put pressure on those in his own political party to bring a bill to the floor.  The governor may say the right things, but he does not have the energy or the fearlessness to succeed, with the most recent legislative session labelled a comprehensive failure to act on climate.

Republicans have long called for a robust rainy day fund,  which according to our state’s constitution should receive 1% of our operating fund annually and be difficult to raid. The Washington State Budget and Policy Center believes we should go further, raising contributions to 3.5% during normal and strong economic years. During the past several years of strong economic growth, $10b could have been in the fund. Instead, the fund is on fumes, and had already been continuously raided for ‘emergencies’ which pale in comparison to the Covid-19 crises.

Our Governor must have the energy and the fearlessness to insist on common sense from the State's elected leadership. The governor must be independent to undue influence. It is time to hit the reset button, hold the two-party system accountable, and elect an independent governor.

Have a safe Fourth of July with your loved ones,


JUNE 16, 2020


The Spokesman Review ran a political column this Sunday about my candidacy. Of course it was mainly to poke fun at someone trying to run as an independent. That particular long-shot has never been accomplished in our state. The piece also isn't sure whether to mock me or give me points for refusing to accept campaign contributions.


None the less, I took it in good humor. We cannot expect things to change for the better unless we try something different at the polls. Please read and share, for as Jim suggests, the media follows voters who express interest.

JUNE 11, 2020

Dear Washingtonians,

Mr. Floyd's murder is a reminder that society will continue to manifest the evils of racial injustice, as long as inequities remain. 

Using our 1st amendment voices - I earnestly hope enough of us join the chorus, enough of us listen, and enough of us self-reflect to enact genuine change. An old friend contacted me this week to ask my feelings on the protests, and wondered, as Governor, what I would "do for us brown and black skinned Washingtonians?" She acknowledged it was a tough question, and gracefully thanked me for my reply, as inadequate as I now think it was.

I should have said "I would listen." 

Announcement of Candidacy

May 15,2020

Washingtonians are an independent breed. Our economic, cultural and geographic diversity is unparalleled - leading to world-leading achievements in agriculture and technology. Hard work and cooperation have always been core values, yet the two-party system is currently about party leadership promoting divisiveness and hatred.

There are good policy issues which must not be 'owned' by one party. A good policy is self-defined through common sense. We need a structurally balanced budget and meaningful greenhouse gas legislation. These must not be mutually exclusive, nor belong in opposing camps. Because Democrats and Republicans have failed to work together over the past eight years, both of these goals remain unmet. A structurally balanced budget would have built our Rainy Day Fund to almost $10 billion by the time the Covid-19 pandemic struck our state. Instead, we met this disaster as one of the most highly leveraged states in the nation, with outstanding obligations over $20 billion.

                         View Cregan on Washington State's Budget

Our state government must also make better use of technology to achieve its goals and provide constituents with better outcomes. Government, not just big business, must constantly scan the horizon for emerging tech. We must make plans to integrate advances for improved efficiencies and services, short term and long term. Every household should have access to high-speed internet, and 100% of students must have their own computer.

Current campaign-finance laws make it possible for the least capable candidates with the least transparent finances to be elected with enough money. But good ideas matter more than money, and my campaign seeks to prove that the most capable candidates with the most transparent finances can win. This can happen through voter research, when you talk to others about the issues motivating my campaign. Help get me on debate stages by following me on Facebook. Write letters to the editor of your favorite local paper. Ask your radio and television stations to interview me. And please visit me on Facebook, sharing the site with others. Watch for weekly 2-minute policy breakdowns beginning Memorial Day.


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Please follow and share 'Newhouse For Governor' on FB. If we can prove a candidate is viable, who doesn't trade promises to corporate lobbyists, special interests or party leadership in exchange for cash, Washington State can shock the nation and lead the way with Election Integrity.