Election Integrity

Electing a Governor who does not owe favors

would be of historical significance.

Cregan Newhouse will answer only to you.

This table shows the total amount raised for the winner of each state's most recent gubernatorial election, amount raised by the loser in the general election, and the total amount raised by all candidates in both the primary and general elections.

Paying for power is an investment from special interests, supported by the two party system.

The two party system serves politicians first, at the expense of all constituents.

To paraphrase George Washington: "The emergence of two dominant parties will perpetuate revenge and  horrid inequities."  

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Returns on Investment from lobbying efforts are astronomical. While you and I fretfully hope for an average 7% return on our retirement accounts, corporations can expect up to a 22,000 percent return. 

Most believe it is impossible for a candidate to win a Gubernatorial Election if they use the most transparent campaign finance reporting system (Mini Reporting), as they must commit to a campaign under $5,000. Cregan Newhouse has made this commitment.

You will not receive glossy photos in your mailbox and have to ponder if they go in garbage or recycling. You will not see or hear negative advertising, nor any paid political advertising, or come across 'donate here' buttons on social media nor websites.

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