Cregan Newhouse for Governor


If you believe in a structurally balanced budget, governance by qualified yet non-compromised individuals, meaningful climate legislation and a commitment to equality for all, vote Independent - vote Newhouse.

This week's interview from End Party Politics


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Newspaper's Q & A highlights an independent who refuses to accept political donations against 4 largest $$ campaigns

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Now is the Time for Washington's 1st Independent Governor

Our state is confronting serious issues. As critical as they are, we need to engage with opposing viewpoints if we are to evolve and reinvent ourselves.  Yet the comment section of every news story showcases an inability to engage in constructive debate. 

COVID-19 and Racial Inequalities must be addressed, head on, with all resources available. Yet our state's elected officials have demonstrated an inability to work together on other urgent matters which are far less complicated. They have not drawn a line in the sand, they have dug a trench. When you belong to one political party, the leaders command you to disavow, condemn and distrust anyone associated with the 'other' side.

Democratic leadership claims ‘ownership’ of the need for climate change legislation. Republican leadership claims ‘ownership’ of the need for a structurally balanced budget. When progress is achieved on either of these issues, our future becomes much brighter. The data is there, and the solutions are not nearly as daunting as finding a vaccine.

Yet… even with a Democratic trifecta in Olympia, the incumbent governor has been unable to pass meaningful climate legislation during his first two terms. He keeps trying, but is woefully inept when it comes to challenging British Petroleum to put their money where their mouth is (they 'publicly' support carbon pricing) and he is unwilling to put pressure on those in his own political party to bring a bill to the floor.  This should not be a partisan issue, after all, our last Republican governor was an environmentalist. The current governor may say the right things, but he does not have the energy or the fearlessness to succeed, with the most recent legislative session labelled a comprehensive failure to act on climate. 

Our legislature should also work together to ensure a robust rainy day fund. Again, there is no need for this to be a partisan issue. According to our state’s constitution, 1% of our operating budget needs to be deposited in the fund, and it should be difficult to raid. Many experts believe we should go further, raising contributions to 3.5% during normal and strong economic years. During the past several years of robus economic growth, $10b should have been saved. Instead, the fund is on fumes, having been continuously raided for other 'emergencies', which pale in comparison to the Covid-19 crises.

Our governor must have the strength and stamina to insist on common sense from the State's elected leadership. The governor must be independent to undue influence. It is time to hit the reset button, hold the two-party system accountable, and elect an independent governor.

Have a safe Fourth of July with your loved ones,


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The Primary Election

Conventional wisdom suggests a Republican with serious campaign finance violations advances to the general election, facing off against an incumbent Democrat who doesn't believe in term limits.

The latest poll, (which did not include independent candidates), shows evenly split individual Republican numbers, for those hoping to advance to the general election:

Independents are left out of the polling, even when Republicans polling at 1% are included.  Newhouse will not accept corporate contributions or utilize paid advertising, so word of mouth and social media would have to fuel this election revolution.


If he advances, the general election would pit a true, pocket change campaign vs. a Goliath, ten million dollar war machine. Neither Democrats nor Republicans (actual citizens, not incumbents) favor Governors for life.


If you are passionate about any of these issues, please tell two people about Cregan Newhouse, and ask them to tell four more. 8 percentage points...

  1. RACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE     Today's extreme levels of income and wealth disparity continue to worsen. As progressive as we like to think we are, Washington State is among the worst ten states in the nation. The top 1/10th of the top 1% owns as much as the bottom 90% combined. Extreme economic inequality is a massive barrier to eliminating racism. 

    1. Newhouse would advocate for legislation enacting a progressive income tax on the wealthy elite. Households making under $300,000 per year would be exempt:

      1. Funds UNIVERSAL PRE-K. The current ECEAP program is grossly insufficient.​

      2. Funds a reduction in sales tax.

      3. Funds a reduction in property tax.

      4. Funds home buying programs for under represented communities.

    2. Newhouse will see meaningful climate legislation passed, when Inslee couldn't even do it with control of both houses.
  2. ELECTION INTEGRITY     We must allow for fresh and energetic leadership to renew itself. Concentration of power must be recycled in government. Perpetuated power feeds into mistrust of the people.

    1. Newhouse would advocate for a constitutional amendment limiting gubernatorial terms (2 term max).​


    1. Health: A data driven response​ remains necessary. All 39 counties must be involved, and data must be transparent.

    2. Economy: Preparing for the unexpected is the Governor's job. Our rainy day fund should have been the equivalent of 2 months of our operating budget when the crises hit. Instead, it was on fumes. After eight straight years of incredible economic growth, this failure was inexcusable.

      1. Newhouse will institute best budget practices, and prohibit the raiding of the rainy day fund during times of economic boom.

      2. Newhouse will encourage state agencies, as subject matter experts, to identify their own efficiencies.

      3. Newhouse will promote investment in technology, which:

        1. Provides significant, high-yield returns

        2. Eliminates disasters such as the massive unemployment fraud which cost our Washington residents hundreds of millions of dollars

Policy Briefs

Best Budget Practices and an Uncertain Economic Future

A Rainy Day Fund is also referred to as a contingency fund - or a stabilization fund. Ever wonder why Washington State's RDF is so paltry, remaining stagnant during 8 years of tremendous growth? 

Election Integrity

How much does it cost to buy a governor? About $18 million for the average successful campaign, and rising exponentially. 

The two-party system works when elected officials respect one another, not when they call on Washingtonians to despise one another. The role of special interest control within the government must be minimized, and a governor must not be beholden to conglomerate party leadership.

Vote for the most capable candidate - the only major candidate who does not accept contributions. 

Embracing Technology to Its Fullest

The easiest way for a state government to be dynamic in its services, while maintaining economic strength and independence, is by capitalizing on technology.



His grandparents emigrated from Holland in the early 20th century, raising 10 children on a small dairy farm in eastern Washington. Cregan was raised on 40 acres alongside the Yakima River.


Working hop fields, vineyards and orchards is a great way to learn a strong work ethic. Cutting asparagus before school and chasing escaped pigs before homework is a great way to learn time management skills.

                           Cregan's sons help their grandfather with a new roof. As with many who live in multi-generational households, Cregan supports increased resources for retired Washingtonians, including quality healthcare and a dedicated RETIREMENT chair in the Governor's Executive Cabinet. 




Do your research, and vote for the best candidate. 

Cregan took the majority of the photos on this website, though a few were pulled from public domain. Below are 39 taverns and 39 houses of worship from the varied counties in our state. These pictures do not imply endorsement from any organization, though they give a sense of what we collectively miss in terms of social interaction. Let us know if you'd like your picture removed, or, of course, if you would like one added. Once it's safe to come together again, Cregan would love to swing by for coffee or a beer, and to take another photo for the collage.




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